The Project to End Human Trafficking

Project Mission

The Project to End Human Trafficking works toward the prevention and elimination of trafficking in persons through awareness raising, direct service coordination, capacity building and collaboration with key stakeholders.


project STORY

Dr. Mary C. Burke and several of her former Carlow University graduate students started PEHT in 2004 as part of the anti-slavery movement. 

In 2003, when Dr. Burke and her team began to learn about human trafficking, their intent was to more comprehensively understand the issue itself and the trauma and psychological effects/challenges from a counseling psychology perspective. Soon they realized the pervasiveness of human trafficking which altered the direction and intensity of their efforts. Now PEHT consistently receives requests from the United States and abroad for general information sessions as well as for specialized training for professionals who are likely to come into contact with a victim or survivor.

Shortly after the project was launched, Dr. Burke began the Western Pennsylvania Human Trafficking Coalition. Today the Coalition is co-facilitated by PEHT and the Special Agents from the local FBI Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. 



The scope of PEHT's efforts and operations are local, regional, national, and international. We have a close working relationship with the FBI's local Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. PEHT founded and co-manages the Western Pennsylvania Human Trafficking Coalition with the local FBI.