We are working to change the world by responding to large-scale global issues with sustainable community solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work collaboratively within communities to address problems that compromise human rights, human development and security.


We envision a world with healthy, safe, and functioning communities, in which human rights are upheld and access to resources for self-sufficiency are plentiful.

MULTICulturally Sensitive collaboration

The Social Impact Institute adheres to the value and practice of multiculturally sensitive collaboration in all endeavors, when working both in the United States and internationally.

Multiculturally sensitive collaboration is characterized by the prioritization of embracing and learning from differences related to culture, ethnic heritage, values, traditions, language, history, and sense of self and other. We strive for mutual leadership and equal power for all participants. 


Use of Photos:

As an organization engaging in multiculturally sensitive collaboration, the Social Impact Institute implements best practices related to respect for and consent from all of those individuals photographed. All photos are intended to engender a sense of connection between and among people in order to foster a sense of global citizenship and responsibility. 

All photography by Maranie Rae